Azman I Am Darkness Sample



I Am Darkness is a soulful incense that is both gothic and spiritual, one that pushes the boundaries of incense scents. You will absolutely revel in this new creation by Azman. It’s a complex, moving and wonderfully heartening scent. In fact, imagine all things you love about incense perfumes, and they are all here in this amazing new release. The powerful impact of rich, deep frankincense is strengthened by the presence of floral panache and a base of oakmoss and amyris.

I Am Darkness opens with an invigorating whiff of bergamot and grapefruit but be prepared, this is not a citrussy heaven in as much as it’s a dark ride.

 The fiery piquancy of pepper and the bittersweet oud undertone, which waft in the beginning, are the characteristics that make this incense extremely unique. The fragrance is neither too heavy nor too forceful. Though haunting in its dark aura, it has an unexpectedly airy, uplifting quality and the warm softness that makes it such a perfect comfort scent. The secret of this equilibrium is the sacred floral presence of frangipani. I Am Darkness is a definitive incense perfume that is envisioned and created for the hardcore lovers of the incense genre.

Perfumer: Nutt Wesshasartar

Size: 2 ml / 0.6 Fl. Oz.
Perfume Concentration: 20%
Top notes: Fir - Bergamot - Black Pepper - Fruity - Grapefruit - Incense
Heart notes: Cambodian Oud - Cananga - Jasmine - Coffee - Frangipani - White Champaca
Base notes: Amyris - Frankincense - Labdanum - Oakmoss

Made in UAE. Product will be shipped from Dubai, UAE.

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