What are Azman perfumes like? Should I "blind-buy" a full-size bottle?

Azman perfumes are not your typical mass-appeal designer perfumes. They are creative, artistic and rely a great deal on your experience with niche and indie perfumes. We recommend testing a sample before purchasing a full-size 55ml bottle.

Are Azman perfumes 100% animal-products free?

Our products will always be 100% animal-product free, and free from natural animal-derived musks, which often involve animal cruelty. Any other materials used in our perfumes are either taken from plants, wood or are synthetics.

Are Azman perfumes “vegan”?

Our perfumes are considered vegan. We never strive to create vegan perfumes, but our philosophy is not to use materials that involves animal cruelty. Ingredients such as African Stones and Beeswax are all beautiful-smelling animal by-products collected in nature that do not involve animal cruelty.

Do Azman Perfumes test their perfumes on animals?

No, we do not. 

May I purchase in Emarati Dirhams?

The store currency is currently fixed in USD. However, for our Emarati customers, the price is displayed in dirhams.

Do you ship internationally, and how can I determine the shipping cost?

We ship to many countries, but not all. Some we can only ship samples to, not bottles. However, if you cannot find your country to ship on the checkout page, get in touch with us at shop@azmanperfumes.com and we might have an alternative solution. You can figure out the shipping cost by adding an item to the shopping cart, going to the cart page, and getting an estimate using the calculator at the bottom of the page.

Why is your international shipping fee expensive?

We are located in the UAE, which has a relatively small population. Shipping from the Emirates, through FedEx, costs significantly more. In fact, we subsidize a big part of the postage so that it doesn’t appear “insane” when you go through the checkout process on our web shop. For example, shipping a 500g product from Dubai to a GCC city with tracking service via a Courier typically costs $28-$32, but on our website it's much lower.

I have sent you emails asking for free samples, but never received a reply.

Every day we receive a lot of emails requesting for free samples, and we no longer have time to handle such requests. Also, if we send free samples to whoever requests them, it would be very unfair to our customers who pay for them.However, we are quite generous and include free sample(s) with your  order if you purchase from us. We also occasionally send free samples to selected reviewers who have an existing website or YouTube channel dedicated to perfumes.

How can I contact customer care?

Customer Care is available Saturday – Thursday 9:30am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm Dubai time. 

WhatsApp +97150 6780519 Email: Shop@azmanperfumes.com

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.