Azman Majnoon Oud Extraordinaire


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Majnoon Oud Extraordinaire is meant to be a painting in the form of smell

The very purpose of it is to give you a core delving in the majesty that Oud is. Your journey is augmented with the fragrance concentration being risen to the maximum, and the two extraordinary types of Oud that were used in its making - Oud from Thailand (Trat) and Oud from India (Assam) - in separate 1g vials so you can layer your experience as you fancy.

Perfumer: Prin Lomros

Size: 30 ml / 1.014 Fl. Oz.
Perfume Concentration: 35%
Top notes: Pomegranate - Saffron - Clove - Nutmeg - Cinnamon - Coffee Absolute
Heart notes: Champaca - Rose - Leather - Tobacco - Tonka Bean - Nagarmotha
Base notes: Oud from Thailand (Trat) - Oud from India (Assam) - Patchouli - Amber - Incense - Vanilla

Oud Oil Size: 1g .
Trat /Thailand oil profile/Notes: Floral- Woody - Fruity - Sweet - Hazelnut - Red berries
Assam /India oil profile/Notes: Leather - Woody - Rain forest - Spicy - Slightly animalic

Made in UAE. Product will be shipped from Dubai, UAE.

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