Azman Two Minutes After The Kiss Special Edition


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Put your money where your heart is. With a 30% concentrated formula flanked by two 1g oil vials - one containing pure Turkish Rose Oil and the other Mysore Sandalwood Oil, this is one investment that’ll keep on giving. Only 160 bottles. Grab it like you mean it.

The journey starts off with a rose-centric intro surrounded by hints of white florals and a good measure of silver frankincense. The peppery motifs of Jamaican pepper add an invigorating touch before the scents segues into a lush, sensual heart.

Passion swells the heart, making it more natural and richer with the patchouly that introduces a generous measure of the lush Laos Oud. The translucent rose blushes under the balsamic smoke of the luxurious Oud. Caressed by creamy sandalwood, the base becomes softer and even more mysterious.

Far from the echo of solemn incantations, this flamboyant mélange welcomes now a joyful touch of vetiver that is reminiscent of a forgotten paradise. Then a mysterious and deep note of incense is wrapped in a more profound sandalwood and leather base. A hint of musk perfectly juxtaposes the delicate, subtle flower notes by now.

All in all, Two Minutes After the Kiss is a spectacle of a fragrance whose magnificent Oud is the ultimate player.

This Special Edition takes it to a whole another level.

Perfumer: Cristiano Canali

Size: 30 ml / 1 Fl. Oz. 

Perfume Concentration: 30%
Top notes: Turkish Rose - Jamaican Pepper - Omani Frankincense - Guatemala Cardamom
Heart notes: Turkish Rose Absolute - Laos Oud - Indonesian Patchouli - Somalian Myrrh - French Beeswax - Selectone
Base notes: Indian Sandalwood - Haitian Vetiver - Dark Leather accord - Laos Oud - Spanish Labdanum - Musk - Ambrocenide

Made in UAE. Product will be shipped from Dubai, UAE.

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