Azman Risk Deluxe Bottle


“I love Oud” says Husen Baba, the maker of the Azman house of uber unique scents.
“I have been in the business of Oud for so many years and have always been a big fan of what perfume houses have been creating with this fabulous, incredible substance.”

There are so many ways to describe Risk but none of these descriptions will be truly conclusive.

“Two years ago, I had the dream of creating the endgame Oud scent. Despite the countless creations, I could still envision a concoction that pays ultimate homage to the sublime Oud oil.”

According to Husen, the journey to create Risk was not an easy one. The concept profile and the execution process had to have a lot of time devoted to creating a matrix of Oud and another of musky, oriental florals with a hint of earthiness and leather.

“I commissioned one of the world’s greatest contemporary noses, Antonio Gardoni, to create these two matrices and the outcome was the perfect twin to the abstract mélange I had in my mind’s eye.”

Risk was envisaged as a “crown of fire”, as in the summit of desire and passion. The name is inspired by great endeavors in life that are achieved with vision, persistence, nonchalance and a big margin of Risk.

The Oud matrix was created by mixing SIX types of Oud ranging between vintage and new, whereas the floral/musky matrix was created with the yellow immortal flower - helichrysum, tuberose absolute, iris and a few others.

If you are approaching this scent with the typical notion of pyramid in mind, you are at risk. Think nothing of the kind! There’s the citric interlude that was created with yuzu lemons and bergamot. The rest is a magical roller coaster of alternating currents of wafting notes.

“I wanted to get away from the typical pyramid segue trip. I envisioned a scent with “cycles of entwined auras” – a journey of Oud and musky orientals done with the noblest of notes.”

Risk - THIS IS IT!

For the curious noses out there, the notes are in no particular order:

Bergamot - Yuzu - Vintage Oud Trat - Oud Assam - Two Vintage Oud India - Oud Prachin - Oud Laos - Tuberose Absolute - Iris - Ambergris - Musk Tonkin - Civet - Benzoin Sumatra - Benzoin Siam

Perfumer: Antonio Gardoni
Size: 30 ml / 1.02 Fl. Oz.
Perfume Concentration: 25%

Made in UAE. Product will be shipped from Dubai, UAE.

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